Public Transportation in Panama

Panama is known to offer a diverse set of attractions which cater to the interests of all kinds of tourists. Traversing across different cities as well as destinations is not at all troublesome with a Panama car rental deal in your kitty. At Panama Cars Rental, we are a trusted broker of car hire services and through our association with top suppliers of rental cars in Panama; we offer several inclusions as well as extra benefits with all hired cars. Panama has an extensive network of public transportation with ample number of vehicles. However, exploring a lesser- known place is best when you have a rental car at your disposal.

Located in Central America, Panama is thronged with large tourist influx each year. Panama is also well connected by air, water and road; therefore, tourists will have their pick when selecting the perfect traveling option. Well- connected roadways has made rental cars one of the most suitable traveling options in the country.


Modes of Public Transportation in Panama

Talking about the public transport of Panama, it is divided into four categories which include air, water, road and railway. The Panama International Airport, which is high on air traffic, has all the necessary amenities for passengers. Panama is also approachable from the water way through the harbors and inlets, but it is mostly used for large shipments and cargo services. There are also ship services and vessels services for passengers who prefer using the waterways for commutation.

Panama Railway has board gauge services for tourists who want to use the railways while commuting from one destination to another in Panama. Bus service in Panama connects various destinations and can be used by tourists for commuting both across its different cities as well as airports. However, relying on public transportation is simply the wastage of your time, especially when you have a tightly- packed schedule in Panama. Rental cars in Panama will provide travelers with the convenience of planning their itinerary according to their preferences. With a car rental, you will have the option to plan a self guide tour in Panama at your own pace. Book your Panama car rental package with us and avail special discounts!