Panama Weather Information

Panama enjoys a tropical climate with usually high temperatures and less variation across different seasons. We, at Panama Cars Rental, are a renowned provider of car hire services and offer top deals and offers on all rental cars in Panama. Based on the time you decide on visiting this country, we also offer special seasonal discounts and offers. Make your trips hassle- free and plan your itinerary at your convenience with a Panama car rental package at your disposal.

Rainfall in Panama varies largely from one region to another.  While some regions may receive less than 1,300 millimeters of rainfall in a year, others may receive more than 3,000 millimeters per year. As expected, rainfall received in the Caribbean area is usually heavier than that received in the Pacific side of the continental divide. During the rainy season, intense rainfall is experienced during the evenings while it is mostly sunny during the mornings and early afternoons.



Best time to visit Panama

The best time to visit Panama is during the dry season i.e. from mid- December till May. This is the time when you can spend hours across the Caribbean beaches here. However, if tourists are interested in exploring the greenery and wildlife in Panama, they should plan their trips during the months of November- December.

The abundance of flora as well as fauna found in Panama can be credited to the tropical climate of this country. Basically, there are only two known seasons in Panama: the dry season which ranges from mid- December till May as well as the rainy season which starts from June and extends till mid- December. Whether you are visiting Panama during the dry or rainy seasons, Panama Cars Rental will provide you with the most suitable rental cars for the entire duration of your stay in the country.