Located in the province of Herrera in Panama, Chitre is a city as well as a county. This city is located in the vicinity of Gulf of Panama and it is also the capital of the Herrera Province. Chitre is abuzz with several places of interest and a car rental is the best way of commuting along all these places with utmost ease and comfort.
Chitre consists of several parks and these natural and man- made ecosystems can be traversed at traveler’s convenience by booking pocket- friendly car rental deals through Panama Cars Rental. You can also book cars using our 3- step online booking engine which is easy to use and also supports multi- currency booking. This provides travelers with the comfort of comparing prices for the same car across different suppliers without the need of converting the prices into their own currency.

Our Car Hire Suppliers in Chitre City

At Panama Cars Rental, we offer the widest fleet of rental cars across all destinations in the country. We have collaborations with some of the top suppliers of rental cars in Panama and offer cars belonging to luxury, utility as well as economy segments. Among all the suppliers in Chitre City, Thrifty is a prominent one and offers discounts and offers on all car hire packages.


Other Car Rental Locations nearby Chitre

The city of Chitre acts as a point of connection between all the cities in Panama and with the advent of evening, Chitre lights up to music and extravagant parties. Associating with us will provide all travelers with the chance to select their preferred rental cars across any location nearby the city of Chitre.

Key locations in & around Chitre

Nearby Attractions

There are a plethora of tourist attractions in Chitre which can be easily visited with a rental car.

  • Museum de Herrera (Calle Manuel María Correa, Chitré, Panama)
  • Sarigua National Park (Herrera, Panama)
  • Catedral de San Juan Bautista (Chitre, Panama)
  • Cines Modernos (Carretera Nacional Via Las Tablas, Chitré, Panama)


Nearby Hotels

Chitre houses several budget as well as luxury hotels out of which travelers can select the one which suits their needs.

  • Casa Friuli Hostal Panama (Distance: 5.1 km)
  • Hotel Santa Rita (Distance: 1.2 km)
  • Hotel Bali Panama (Distance: 0.9 km)
  • Gran Hotel Azuero (Distance: 1.9 km)


Nearby Restaurants

Travelers can experience several lip- smacking cuisines offered across all the popular restaurants in Chitre.

  • Interstate 95 American Dining (Distance: 2 km)
  • Restaurante Gastro Rincon (Distance: 2.8 km)
  • Bistrot Paname (Distance: 1.9 km)
  • Ponchalos Chitre (Distance: 30.1 km)


Top Deals for Chitre

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